Suplove Ambassador - Cheyenne Coon

Cheyenne Coon

Cheyenne Coon
Nursing Student/ Undergraduate Nurse, Pilates Fitness Instructor, Studio Paddle Sports Partner & Instructor

Best Suplove moment?
Riding my new Suplove board on the water for the first time last summer with my puppy!

One fun/ quirky fact about you?
My dog Buddy is my child- literally, more than just a fur baby! I speak about him as if he were a human when telling stories, and everyone knows me for my dog since he comes everywhere with me, including paddling when I’m not teaching!

What do you enjoy most about SUP?
I enjoy the freedom and happiness I feel when I am on the water whether alone or with a group of people! I also love how there is always more to learn; new places to discover, new people to connect with, more things to do on my board and mostly just how it is still fairly new that I feel it is something I am helping grow everytime I am on the water!

What activities do you enjoy to do on your board? 
Fitness, relaxing, racing, teaching, and just playing around

Where are your favourite places to SUP?
At the lake- around Red Deer we go to Sylvan & Gull Lake. Also on special occasions, trips to the mountains.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do? What makes you smile? What are your passions in life?
Teach pilates fitness classes & SUP for the rest of my lifeJ Also travel to different parts of the world with my dog!

Find me: 
Twitter: @cheyennecoon15
Instagram: cheyennecoon
Facebook: Cheyenne Coon