Suplove Ambassador - Gabrielle Desrosiers

Gabrielle Desrosiers
Gabrielle Desrosiers
Owner, yoga teacher, SUP and sea kayak guide at S.K.Y. Aventures.

Best Suplove moment?
Teaching my first indoor SUP Yoga class, last winter in my neighborhood pool. We had so much fun. It's great to bring new activities and a little bit of summer to the people of my community especially when it's freezing outside. 

One fun/quirky fact about you?
I love to eat peanut butter and cheese on huge sugar waffles. 

What activities do you enjoy to do on your board?
I love to teach basic and advanced SUP skill classes. I really like to teach indoor and outdoor yoga classes on my boards all year round and to take people on SUP guided tours in my region during summer time.

Where are your favourite places to SUP? 
I really love to SUP in my region, around the Vaudreuil area in Quebec. There are also very nice places and lakes in the Laurentians aria. Tadoussac is also an awesome place to SUP if you are not scared of the whales. I wish I could SUP on the Colorado river one day, or on lake Powel in the US. This is a dream I would like to realize.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?
I would definitely invest more in my own company to make it grow ;) And move my SUP school to Costa Rica. I would probably purchase tickets to attend to sports events all around the world ! I would probably like to run a marathon on the great wall of China. I would also like to attend the Olympic games one day.

What makes you smile?
Spending time with my friends since they have such a great sens of humour ! Thinking that every day I live in this world is chance and I am so greatfull. The beauty of the nature.

What are your passions in life?
Sports and arts. I read a lot about adventurers and entrepreneurs that went beyond their limits. They inspire me so much.

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