Suplove Ambassador - Hailey Frew

Hailey Frew

Hailey Frew
Full-time nursing student. Pilates fitness instructor and SUP instructor at Studio Pilates. 

Best Suplove moment? 
Paddling out to the middle of Sylvan Lake, AB with my best friend, sitting on our boards and watching the sunset, with lots of chatting of course. 

One fun/quirky fact about you? 
I am very OCD, my closet is colour coordinated and organized by type of clothes. 

What do you enjoy most about SUP?
I love to be out on the water, forget some things going on in the world, watch the sunset, and talk with my friends. I also love sharing the ability to SUP with the ladies/men I take out on the water for lessons and the empowerment they feel is absolutely amazing the first time they stand up. I want to continue growing my SUP skills and educate others on that, and I would also like to share my love for SUP with others.

What activities do you enjoy to do on your board?
I enjoy doing yoga, fitness, surfing, flat water, and teaching on my SUP board.

Where are your favourite places to SUP?
My favourite place to SUP is in Sylvan Lake, Alberta as I can access the water quickly, and it is only a 20-minute drive from my house. I also really enjoy Kelowna, and some other small lakes in Alberta.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do? What makes you smile? What are your passions in life?
If money was not an issue, I would be at the beach all day every day in a hot and tropical place such as Hawaii. I have a passion for helping and caring for people and empowering people in their own lives. I absolutely love being out on the water enjoying the feeling of water on my feet, the sun on my body and the energy I get from the water, and environment all together. If I could live in Hawaii and raise children, happily on the beach that would be my dream. I also have a passion for going to third world countries and volunteering with care, or teaching children or families and helping other people in the world who may not have as much as some people do.

Find me:

Instagram: @haileyfrew
Twitter: @haileyfrew