Suplove Ambassador - Robyn Bell

Robyn Bell
Robyn Bell

Best Suplove moment:
Leaving the crowded beaches behind and paddling out to some of the islands in Georgian Bay.

One fun/quirky fact about you?
My friends have labeled me as a crazy cat lady, even though I only have one cat. Her name is Piper and she's one sassy little fur ball!

What do you enjoy most about SUP?
I love that it gives you the ability to explore areas that would otherwise be fairly inaccessible. I’m originally from the Collingwood area so there are tons of little islands to explore on Georgian Bay. I also love paddling out, looking back at the crowded beach and feeling like you have the whole place to yourself.

What activities do you enjoy to do on your board?  
I enjoy SUP surfing when the conditions permit, however, most of the time you can find me flatwater paddling. I enjoy pushing my endurance and have completed a couple of 15 KM paddles – one with SUP4MS and a few at my own leisure. I would also love to do a SUP expedition one day, covering a certain amount of shoreline per day for a couple of days and camping in between.

Where are your favorite places to SUP?
My number one spot to date is definitely Georgian Bay. The water is so clear it can feel like you’re in the tropics! Minus the cold water of course...

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do? What makes you smile? What are your passions in life?
Oh the possibilities! I absolutely love the outdoors and exploring new places, so I would have to say I would travel lots. Costa Rica and Chile are at the top of my list right now, but really anything that is close to water will do. I would take the time to get more involved in sports like SUP, surfing, kayaking snowboarding and hiking. I also love animals so I would definitely adopt a dog, or maybe a few!

Find me:
Insta: @rbbell89