Suplove Ambassador - Tiffany Lazarek

Tiffany Lazarek
Tiffany Lazarek 

Best Suplove moment?
Trying SUP for the first time and wanting to capture every moment on camera and then loosing that camera to the depths of the lake. The best moment was finding the camera at the bottom of the lake 3 days later!! WOO! Learnt my lesson that day. 

One fun/quirky fact about you?
If you really make me laugh, I will snort. I also sneeze every time I have mint gum!

What do you enjoy most about SUP?
What I enjoy most about SUP is being one with nature. (I am an Earth sign, I’ve always felt at home in nature). I also really enjoy the physical benefits and the great challenge of practicing yoga on the water! The fact that this sport can be practiced ANYWHERE really excites me! You can go anywhere in the world knowing that you will not have the same experience twice. I also enjoy meeting other SUP enthusiasts, learning and hearing about their SUP adventures.

What activities do you enjoy to do on your board?
Mainly Yoga and Paddling on flat water, lakes. I would actually be very much interested in taking a SUP yoga teachers course!

Where are your favourite places to SUP?
My cottage!! On vacation, down south, and my pool for yoga practice!

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do? What makes you smile? What are your passions in life?
If money weren’t an issue I would definitely be seeing the world! I’ve caught the travel bug big time in the most recent years and have many upcoming trips planned! After my most recent trip to Dubai, I have Cabo San Lucas planned at the end of the month and possibly Costa Rica in the fall! I would also love to take my whole family on vacation if money were not an issue. I’d love to spend that time with them.

My number one passion is Yoga! As a daily practitioner I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my mind and body, and SUP really enhances that. I am intrigued by the Yoga Culture and way of life, I’d love to explore its roots and gain more knowledge about the practice by one day completing a teacher training course.

As for smiling, I’m always smiling! I’m quite the happy camper most of the time but my biggest smiles are caused by my grandmother and my 2 closest girlfriends. They all have a way of making me feel whole and complete. Yoga and sunshine also have that effect on me, as well as doing my best to make others see their light and potential in this world. I’m also smiling just filling out this application form, knowing that a new adventure is about to begin!

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