Suplove Ambassador - Tracey Finlay

Tracey Finlay
Tracey Finlay

By day I am a Crisis Counsellor – doing crisis intervention for victims of crime & circumstances and also a Hospital Social Worker in the Emergency Dept. I used to be a Toronto Police Officer but I think I am better suited to a holding onto a paddle.

Best SUPLOVE moment?
Let’s see…..there are so many! I have a friend who didn’t understand my “obsession with sup.” Well….this year he tried it and loves it. Within a couple of weeks of trying it, he bought a board and has never looked back. He gets it now! I love every moment someone tries their hand at sup and leaves saying, “That was awesome!!” I couldn’t be more excited to keep spreading the sup love!

One quirky fact about you?
Hmmm……lots of quirky things about me! Let’s see…….how ‘bout the fact that I do not like walking on grass in my bare feet! Eeeeeks!

What activities do you enjoy on your board? 
I definitely identify mostly with sup racing. That’s my thing. I love the competition. I love the camaraderie. I love the sound of the horn. And, I love the sight of the finish line! I’ve also enjoyed dabbling with surf sup on our amazing Great Lakes – there are so many cool places to catch waves across Ontario! So much fun!!! I was fortunate to take part in the inaugural Ladies of the Lake surf sup day this fall and I had a blast at the Freshest Sup Wave, an event hosted by Surf Ontario this past summer. And, of course, with racing comes training. I love, love, love getting out on Lake Ontario and training with my sup buddies & the most amazing instructors – Jessica Rando and Mike Howes – during the sup season. I love the days where I paddle to the Toronto Islands and back with a friend and I love the solo days out there when it feels like I am the only one on the entire lake. My seasons would not have been complete without the Ontario Sup Series & the Toronto Sup Series, among a ton of other awesome races too!

Where are your favourite spots to SUP?
Hmmm……tough one! I love to be on the water whether it’s across the street on Lake Ontario, paddling out and back to Toronto Islands, or racing on Lake Huron or Georgian Bay. If the ocean was nearby, I would pitch a tent and live on the beach!! I would practice pivot turns in my condo’s pool if they allowed it! Wherever there is water, I am happy to be on it.

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